my Biography

Diana Gagay: Timeline

I was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia. My father is a nuclear physicist and my mother is a teacher of history and literature.

1978-1982 I studied at school in tandem with the Art Academy in St. Petersburg.

1985 -1987 I took drawing classes at the National Art Commercial Academy, St. Petersburg.

1987 – 1991 I studied at the State University of Culture and Arts in St. Petersburg.

1999 I moved to Germany.

From 2003: I live and work in Berlin.


All my pictures reflect me and my sense of life. They seek harmony with us and our world.

A picture emerges in parallel to my personal discoveries, decisions, feelings, emotions and love.

My paintings reflect, purify and balance the energy flow. In the rhythm of the heart, and the pulsation of life. They explain to me what is happening in my life and bring comfort, love and peace to my soul and the places where they hang.